death valley nerves

Robert Badu

Being nervous isn’t bad, it just means something important is happening. The Badu as I like to call him is an artist I’ve been following for years! I was fortunate to get the opportunity to interview him for MAD Art Magazine. He is my first face-to-face interview and to say I was nervous would be an understatement. My morning started in Bethnal Green at the … Continue reading Robert Badu

Art Block vs Motivation

It’s been 4 months, 5 days and 12 hours since I last held a pencil. Not really! As if I know, I’m not that precise, the best I can guess is 3 months or more. I honestly don’t understand this standstill, art shouldn’t be rushed or forced but I’m experiencing artist block. It’s frustrating, annoying and frankly it is pissing me off! I have numerous … Continue reading Art Block vs Motivation

Artistic Turmoil

What if Pollock had reversed the challenge. What if instead of making art without thinking, he said, “You know what? I can’t paint anything, unless I know exactly why I’m doing it.” What would have happened?  He never would have made a single mark. The challenge is not to act automatically. It’s to find an action that is not automatic. From painting, to breathing, to … Continue reading Artistic Turmoil

The Untitled Title

I need to finish this piece, sadly I’ve fallen into the artist trap, I’ve fallen in love with my art. In all honesty falling in-love with a piece isn’t a bad thing, it’s more of a nuisance, once my mind starts to discuss the possibility of completion, I am immediately gripped with fear. Too scared to touch it, the idea of possibly ruining my new found love means it always sits in the folder, untouched never to see the light of day again…..

Continue reading “The Untitled Title”