I haven’t blogged in a while but my absence isn’t due to forgetfulness, I have been working on a project that I can finally share with you.

MAD Art Magazine – Make Art Different – is finally here, an online art magazine showcasing the hidden talents of the art world, created by myself and Matt Worldly.

I’ve been approached by many individuals who have told me they like my work,  they can help me sell it, exhibit it and blah blah blah but, what tends to happen is the complete opposite. It always ends the same, me chasing them, I slowly became fed up of the chase and realised I no longer desired to put the fate of my art in someones else’s hands, I am going to take control of the situation myself. MAD was born to help other artists who, like me want to share their work, discuss their style and approach, scream from the top of lungs about their talent. MAD is a community for artists to come together to celebrate and share their journey.

Upon having this idea I never imaged it would come into fruition, now that is has it is slowly taking over my life but, I like it! What I love the most about the magazine are the amazing artists I have had the privilege of interviewing, having someone agree to be a part of our movement creates bundles of joy filled bubbles residing inside my chest. Reading their stories, learning how they got to where they are is beyond inspiring, to be honest I don’t think there are words to describe how it makes me feel.

Speaking with Matt for up to 3hrs a day, I’m not joking when I say that, we talk every day about the magazine, its future and want we hope to achieve, makes me believe even more in this dream. I like this feeling, for a while I couldn’t quite understand what it was but I soon realised it was ambition, this magazine has made me want to build something to the best it can be with my best friend.

MAD is not only for artists, it is for anyone looking to be motivated, inspired or just want something interesting to read or watch. We are currently working on the next two issues, I am hoping to visit Denver in the summer to meet more artists and ones we have already featured in person, until then I will be focusing on London artists.




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