The Art of Not Thinking

Happy New Year,

Lets kick-start the new year with some funky art. I’ve been M.I.A for a while but for a very good reason, I’ll discuss more of that in a future post but for now I want to show you my new work.

The practice of doing and not thinking, I find when I overthink my work the paper remains blank and I end up frustrated. I was deeply inspired by a video post from Joey Columbo, he wrote a great caption that I had to share with you:

Push yourself to try new things. I didn’t go to art school or take any classes to learn art. I try things and do exercises with myself.


His words stuck with me as I like discovering artists who did not study art or attend any form of an art class. Why do I like this, because neither did I and I always fear this will put my career on hold but it turns out it wont! It’s refreshing because I believed I had to attend university to learn different techniques, I thought a degree would mean I’d be taken more seriously BUT it doesn’t!

After watching his video for the 100th time I finally reached for my sketch pad, one that remained unopened for months. I ripped the wrapping off, felt the smooth surface of untouched paper and got to work. Pumping Bone Thugs through my headphones it was like my hands took over, they were moving and my mind was occupied with lyrics, it was great!

Here is my first attempt it was freeing, I felt very relaxed and allowed myself to enjoy the process.

_20170102_223911 _20170102_224000 _20161202_203926

I decided to do it again, and again and again! I’ve loved drawing these faces, this exercise helped re-establish my love for comic book art

img_20161228_191447_537 img_20161219_211616 img_20161216_215408 img_20161205_215029





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