Petrina is a Bird

As you can see I’ve been a little quiet since my last post, unfortunately time and life got the best of me but I’m back!

I’ve been working on a new piece, I must say it is slowly becoming the bane of my life! No, not really I fucking love it, it is yet to be named but that is nothing new. At the start this was an attempted portrait of my younger sister, I was instantly captured by a photo of her and knew immediately I wanted to draw it (oops! I just referred to my sister as an “it” big mistake!! I mean “her”). I was drawn to a sharp edge, the cheek bone, in fact it was the line from the chin to the cheek bone that I liked, when the time was right I sat and began to draw.

petrina is a bird edit petrina is a bird edit2 petrina is a bird edit3

One of my favourite attributes to being an artist are when projects do not go as planned, that is exactly what happened here. I found my zone and got sucked in, I liked it so much there I stayed for several hours, refusing to leave and abandon my post or markers I sat up all night.

I loved sketching this, I was free with no boundaries, mistakes were allowed in fact they were welcomed. I had no idea where I was going with it, all I knew was that I suddenly wanted to draw birds and quite a few. As much as this process gave me nothing but blissful moments, there were a few occasions where I got frustrated with myself for not drawing what I initially set out to draw. But! Art is incredibly revealing, yes, I wanted to draw a portrait and I have, MY WAY!!! This piece revealed to me not only how I view my younger sister, I am very happy with that revelation, but also about my style. I have a feeling that my next few pieces will be about discovery.

petrina is a bird petrina is a bird 2 petrina is a bird 3

petrina is a bird 5


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