Art Block vs Motivation

It’s been 4 months, 5 days and 12 hours since I last held a pencil. Not really! As if I know, I’m not that precise, the best I can guess is 3 months or more.

I honestly don’t understand this standstill, art shouldn’t be rushed or forced but I’m experiencing artist block. It’s frustrating, annoying and frankly it is pissing me off!

I have numerous ideas running around in my head, they never grow tired, always looking for an undiscovered area of my mind to run free in. I’ve tried to plan a day of drawing but the morning always fucks it up, my bed holds me hostage till afternoon and by then all motivation is lost. Ok, that sounds like laziness but I can assure you it is more than that. Maybe I have artist block, the same way writers experience writers block…?

My passion is still alight, burning furiously inside of my chest, but, for what is my passion without its partner in crime, motivation aka Mr Motivator (I named him after GMTV’s fitness guru from the 90’s, judge me as you please but remember I am fragile).

A little about Mr Motivator: He totally kicks arse. He Spurs me on in my darkest times – watching too much Game of Thrones when I’m suppose to be working, convincing myself it’s OK to do so because the dragons need to know I’m a fan. He is the voice who reminds me that they don’t know I exists and more to the point they are not real 😱. He karate chops my lack of confidence the moment it appears, he sumo squats on thoughts of giving up. He is the ketchup to my chips, the Caesar to my salad.  I am certain he has left me for another artist , the fucker, come back to me.

What do you do when you have art block?????

I’d greatly appreciate tips, sympathy and the location of Mr Motivator if anyone has seen him.


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