The Canvas Board

I’ve worked with canvas…once! In the 3 years I’ve been painting I’ve been extremely loyal to paper, I can’t quite find the words to describe the feeling that resonates through my body when I am holding a new piece. It sounds sad, I know, but unfortunately I am sad!! Nothing brings me as much joy as it does, to wake up and make my way to the art store. As soon as I walk into Cass Art Store I make my way to the 2nd floor, I’m in heaven! I have access to  unlimited sheets of paper, different types, sizes, strengths, they have it all, the excitement is uncontrollable!!!!


This visit ended differently, I did not leave the store with sheets of paper tucked neatly under my arm but instead I left with two canvas boards. I decided to take the risk and work outside of my comfort zone, but it didn’t start and stop with the board, I am working with brushes rather than markers. Thats right you heard me, I am not using paint markers!  I’ve been painting for a few days; so far there have been no tears or tantrums, instead I have felt bliss, satisfaction and surprise, because never in a million years did I ever think I’d use a paint brush. I am using acrylics, the paint applies beautifully to the board, I love how the paint takes on a new face once dried, I’ve come to find layering rather therapeutic…for now…I’m not going to lie I can see how the process could quite easily become stressful and time-consuming but for now it is calming.


2 thoughts on “The Canvas Board

  1. I felt like that the first time I tried oil paint. I couldn’t believe how delicious it was to manipulate the paint with a pallette knife…the trails of colours all merging and streaming together in technical colour ribbons of delectable buttery paint! 😋 Yum!


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