The Untitled Title

I need to finish this piece, sadly I’ve fallen into the artist trap, I’ve fallen in love with my art. In all honesty falling in-love with a piece isn’t a bad thing, it’s more of a nuisance, once my mind starts to discuss the possibility of completion, I am immediately gripped with fear. Too scared to touch it, the idea of possibly ruining my new found love means it always sits in the folder, untouched never to see the light of day again…..

It is still unnamed, that’s a lie! I did name it “How Comes You Don’t Call Me?” but I thought it was lame, I can do better. One of the many surprising joys of being an artist names suddenly come to you at unexpected moments, that’s what I’m patiently waiting for and I know it will eventually come, it would probably help if I finished it!


I drew this piece after attempt #44, a tad exaggerated, it was most likely attempt #15, of trying to get hold of my boyfriend. Repeatedly hearing his annoying answering machine was driving me to the brink of destruction! Not wanting to smash my phone to pieces, its already been through so much and it’s on its last legs (I don’t like to talk about it!) I needed an outlet but one that wouldn’t cause any damage or regret. I know this may seem a little intense or that I am on the verge of becoming a psychopath girlfriend but you have to understand, I am in a long distance relationship and one of the many recurring battles I face is communication! Fed up with his selfishness and refusal to buy a calling card and my determination to not become a pathetic crying heap, laying helplessly on my bed I unleashed all my anger on my 19×24 paper, BOY, did I unleash.

I don’t know at what stage I became fed up with crying but after a while it became very exhausting and I honestly no longer have the energy or effort to sit down and start forming tears, I’d rather draw. The best thing I find is that when I draw from nothing but pure raw, unedited emotion, it is my best work and it is an enjoyable process, it allows me to really get to grips with how I feel about a situation.

This piece depicts the frustration and mental torture I was feeling at the time, I don’t want to say too much about the art because it speaks for itself but I would love to hear your thoughts.




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