death valley nerves

Robert Badu

Being nervous isn’t bad, it just means something important is happening.

The Badu as I like to call him is an artist I’ve been following for years! I was fortunate to get the opportunity to interview him for MAD Art Magazine. He is my first face-to-face interview and to say I was nervous would be an understatement.

My morning started in Bethnal Green at the Hive, indulging in all things vegan with a friend, I chose to use this time to go over a few of my questions. This did not go according to plan, instead of building up feelings of excitement or exhilaration, I instead amplified my concerns – is this questions good enough, is this question too obvious, is this one too personal, in the end I closed my book and stuffed my face.

The Badu and I agreed to meet in Wanstead, outside the station, as soon as I arrived I was immediately on the look-out. I spotted him straight away and all my worries and fears disappeared. Our interview was only supposed to last 1.5 hours,  instead we spoke for 3. The one thing I still can’t believe is how easily the conversation flowed, it was as though I’d known The Badu all my life, learning about his work as well as the man himself was unbelievable! His story is one of triumph, risk taking and being at the right place at the right time. I left that interview feeling like I could take over the world – ok that’s a tad exaggerated – but I felt good within myself and went home with a fat smile on my dorky face.

I am excited to share the interview with our readers, The Badu’s story is one to be heard and I hope to interview him again some day.


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