When the Wolf met the Owl

This is my first painted piece, before I was introduced to paint I used gel ink pens and permanent marker. It is by far one of my favourite pieces, I could never part with it, I treat it as though it is my first-born. When I began the sketch I only knew two things: 1. I wanted to draw a wolf and 2. I wanted this to be a reflection of my main hitta Janel.

wolf owl wolf owl wolf owl


Janel is many things to me, my best friend, my guardian, my counsellor, my gaming partner and the list goes on, no joke, it is endless. But Janel is also one of the strongest women I know, raising her son single-handedly, whilst blindfolded and hoping on one leg she makes parenting look easy and cool as fuck, from Nerf gun battles to creating a 3D solar system for his science homework. Now, lets not get ahead of ourselves because yes she is angelic in every-way, HOWEVER if you ever mess with her son watch out, the wolf will come out! Like most parents she will do anything for her child which also involves taking on the world and protecting her young at all costs! Yes she is a wolf, her pack may only be small but what I love about her is that there is no need for an alpha male, she is the leader, the dominator and the huntress.

wolf owl wolf owl

wolf owl


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