Mother’s Milk

Where do I begin…such an obvious opening for a sentence.

I had a girl crush, well, personally I think it was more of an open flirtatious relationship that was never going to go anywhere. The fear of ruining what was a great friendship at the time was too strong, but, what could have been a great sexual adventure will forever be kept in the ‘what if” box.  This blog entry will be a breakdown of the art, instead of discussing what I was feeling or experiencing, I will explain each element.

I will share this, Mother’s Milk was one of the most exciting sketches I have ever done! At the start of this process all I had was the title (rare! As you already know from previous entries title names do not come easily to me), I also knew my colour scheme, other than that I went into this blind. When I say blind, I’m referring to my subconscious admission. My ego betrayed me allowing me to think I was creating one thing when it was actually something entirely different, a moment of truth I was never aware I had, until completion.


The tongue is about sexual tension, the urge to give into your desires, urges that seek exploration, the single drop of salivation equating to a hunger that will never be satisfied. The desired female, purposely yet effortlessly flaunting herself, tempting, a tease of restriction. She knows what she is doing, she is in complete control. Arching her back to give her body that pose she needs to drive you crazy, but what she is not in control of is man! For man does not like what he sees and out of rage his hand tightly wraps itself around your neck. His anger mixed with jealously, furious that he is not enough, that his competition is not another man but a woman. Too dense of a human being to out think his opposition, incapable of logic he resorts to violence.


To pluck out her eye is an act of terror, a fear tactic, the harshest of punishments. The hand left in question, does it belong to him or her? Did they join forces?

The face in the bottom right hand corner is speaking to you, but unfortunately you don’t understand. She speaks a different language, a code you cannot decipher, wisdom you’re not yet ready to hear. You will never know what she said, instead it is left for you to assume.





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