Face of a Queen – Why Conform?


“To become Spring means accepting the risk of winter. To become presence, means accepting the risk of absence.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Title: Queen is a Behaviourism

Bio:I  want this art to open up a dialog amongst other black women, the same way it did for me. It helped me realise I am a Queen, I am my culture and more importantly I am a sista.

This bio is a load of BS, I didn’t mean any of it! Why do I have to conform to the “norm” – can I not just be myself?

I wrote this bio for Queen is a Behaviourism, I wanted to submit this piece of art to an online magazine that featured black artists. I felt like I  had to write about being black to get featured. Every other artist that was featured had drawn the same generic image and it was boring beyond belief:

  • The black woman cradling her newbornIMG_20160219_205721
  • A black man with a spliff
  • A black man standing next to a lion
  • Blah blah blah fucking blah!

Where is the originality!? Would they feature me if they thought my race and and sistahood wasn’t the inspiration for this piece? The truth is, I simply drew her based on a picture I saw of a black woman sitting in a chair, funny, a lot of people assume it is a self portrait, it isn’t. I sat at my desk, looked at this woman’s hair and thought, her hair needs to

be recreated, oooh and I like her lips. I sat at my desk  for hours sketching, erasing, sketching, erasing until I was happy to lay the paint down. I knew I wanted her to be bright, bold, eye-catching and beautiful and I believe that is exactly what she is.

IMG_20160220_001113Queen is a Behaviourism is by far one of my favourite pieces, she was a lot of fun to create. The process took me on a journey, one that I’d love to go on again. I enjoyed the art because I allowed myself to be free, the most important features where the lips and hair, they were the only pre-thought out aspects everything else was a creation from within.

This piece was not feature in the magazine but it’s cool, I’m going to keep creating art the only way I know how. Do you feel pressured to conform to the “norm” or you a rebel, like me, that simply believes in self-expression and create inspiration?


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